Our Vision and Mission

After a few months of incubation, I am proud to have finalised the vison and mission of ClinLine:

Within pharmaceutical industry and health care, efficiency in clinical data processing is an aspect that has had less focus and importance than in other industries. Many believe that striving to a high efficiency might affect the quality, integrity and/or security of data and processes and in the end might compromise the care and health of patients.

However, with the ever increasing costs for health, it becomes more and more important to look at the efficiency of our business processes and see how we can use our resources in a more optimal way.

At ClinLine, we are convinced that it is possible to obtain a higher efficiency and at the same time to maintain the quality and integrity of data and processes. This can only be done by combining your business goals and vision with optimal processes, optimal technical architecture, quality requirements and optimal human interaction. 

Only by looking at these different aspects as a complete system, the best and most efficient and effective process can be defined and implemented. Our mission is to support research organisations and pharmaceutical companies in this process.

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