Our Story

ClinLine is founded by Berber Snoeijer.
18 years ago she worked for a very efficient clinical research organisation (CRO) and thereafter for a CRO which was totally dedicated to quality. She experienced that both CRO’s had their troubles because of the one-sided view on their activities.
After that Berber was convinced that for both real efficient and effective services those two aspects should be combined. Based on that philosophy, she founded a CRO dedicated to data management, analysis and reporting which was called Biometric Support. During the years thereafter the company grew and Berber experienced that the management and commitment of people was the third important aspect of efficiency. Especially scientific and technical employees want to be heard and need to understand each other and the goals of the business to be able to fully cooperate and be part of the success.
After having sold Biometric Support, Berber worked at a research institute with real world clinical data. When she got the assignment to manage the take-over and fusion of a reporting company into the scientific company, her soft skills together with her technical skills and procedural skills were all used to bring it to a success. This included new efficient reporting applications, administration software, a quality system and not for the least the commitment and satisfaction of the employees.
Nowadays, we assist companies who work with clinical data to improve their business operations. This can be a single technical data process within the context of the other processes or a complete review and redesign of the company architecture, resulting in a higher level of productivity, quality and/or effectivity.