Online workshop:
End-to-End automation in clinical research


Automation, in the context of the clinical trial landscape, can mean different things to different people. Several use cases have been defined within the sector, and yet there has been minimal adoption of these techniques, despite promises of more efficiency and better accuracy. It appears that, even though mature methodology and robust technology are being utilised in other industries, we are struggling to implement these methods efficiently in clinical research.

This workshop will help us to collectively highlight some of the problems preventing our industry from realising the benefits gained from automation, suggest how we might overcome some of those obstacles, and identify potential use cases that could be tackled in the light of these discoveries.

During our first workshop in May 2021 we had a nice differentiated group of people with whom we discussed the issues that prevent us from getting to End-to-End automation. In our next workshop for March 2022, we will continue this discussion about these and other issues.

This inspiring and interactive workshop will be online and live via zoom on Wednesday 30 March 2022, 16:00-18:00 CET/10:00-12:00 EST. The content of the workshops is provided for free. However, we do ask a small fee of € 25,- (including VAT) for registration and administration. This assures a dedicated audience during the workshop. Use the registration button below to register for this workshop. 

About the trainer(s):

Guy Garrett is the Managing Director of Achieve Intelligence, a boutique consultancy offering Enterprise Architecture, Information Strategy & Clinical Data Automation.

His career began in 1987, as an Information Analyst in the Finance sector. He then moved to SAS Institute UK as a senior technical consultant for 5 years, before taking his first freelance role at Boehringer Ingelheim, where he worked on the award winning CDMS platform.

He is a guest lecturer for UK universities, runs the SAS EMEA: Data Warehouse Architecture & Design Principles course, and leads PHUSE Education: Data Engineering Cluster along with Bev Hayes from Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

Guy is also a Fellow and Chartered IT Professional of the British Computer Society.

He is married with four children, is based in Brighton UK, and likes to run, mountain bike and sing & play guitar.