ClinLine is dedicated to optimising clinical research processes. Our aim is to improve clinical processes in order to reduce both time to market and healthcare costs. 

Together with our partners, we offer full services in process optimisation, digitisation and Real World Data utilisation. We do this from a holistic perspective which results in the inclusion of all stakeholders, taking into account existing initiatives and experiences and utilisation of well-known management methods.

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In 2021, we started a new workshop cycle around the theme Improving Efficiency in Clinical Research. In our interactive workshops, knowledgable trainers highlight different aspects of this topic. In 2022, we will repeat the most successful workshops and add new ones. Registration for these workshops is now open. For more information, have a look at our workshop overview page or link direct to the following upcoming workshops:
– Best methods to optimise your Clinical Trial Processes 
– Improving clinical research using Real-World Data
– End-to-end automation in clinical research



– The  Digital Trial Accelerator you may be missing
Raj Indupuri, eClinical Solutions; Thierry Escudier, DCRIPT; Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine

– Stream Chair Real World Evidence stream
Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine

 Previous Presentations and links to recordings:

EMEA SDE 2 December 2021, virtual:  

 EU Connect 15-19 November 2021:


 – Data Ecosystems 2.0: The Data-Fluid Organization
    Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine and Achilleas Zaras, eClinical Solutions

– Stream Chair Real World Evidence stream, Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine
– The Real World Eligibility check: How to create a FAIR SAS tool. 
   On-demand presentation by Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine
– Real World Evidence hands-on Workshop.
   Stijn Rogiers and Sherrine Eid, SAS Institute and Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine

– How to scale up productivitiy and minimize efforts in clinical programming.
    Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine. View recording

 – Assessing the Impact of Governmental Interventions in Response to COVID-19
Global Mobility.
    Mariska Burger, OCS Life Sciences and Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine. View recording  

– Stream Chair Real World Evidence stream, Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine
– Use of unlimites real world data sources in clinical trials and how it changes
landscape. Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine  
– Team performance and Drives, Workshop by Aart Brezet, Drives@Work. View Recording.

 FIGON Dutch Medicine days 03 December 2020: 

– Improving clinical trial efficiency by using a real-world eligibility check
   Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine. 
View posterView recording 

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