ClinLine is dedicated to optimizing clinical research processes. Our aim is to improve clinical processes so that time to market

will be reduced and costs for medical treatments will be decreased. 


In 2021 we have launched the online workshop cycle around improving efficiency in clinical research. See for dates and subjects our workshop page.


ClinLine represents together with its partners allround experience in the clinical trial process and clinical data including real world data. 
Our services include:

       (Business) process optimization

       Data architecture

       Tool and process design

       Improving procedures using Lean methodology

       Real world data integration

       Team performance and drives using management Drives and Appreciative Inquiry


Like to know more? We are happy to share our ideas and thoughts with you. See our contact page or directly send an e-mail to info@clinline.eu.
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Events and presentations:

In 2021 we started a new workshop cycle around the theme “Improving Efficiency in Clinical Research”. In the interactive workshops  different aspects are highlighted by knowledgeable trainers. For more information go to our workshop overview page.

Previous Presentations:
Virtual SDE Beerse 13 October 2020 , Belgium:       – Assessing the Impact of Governmental Interventions in Response to COVID-19 on
                                                                                                 Global Mobility. Mariska Burger, OCS Life Sciences and Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine.                                                                                                           View recording  

Virtual EU CONNECT 09-13 November 2020 (live): – Stream Chair Real World Evidence stream, Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine
                                                                                                – Use of unlimites real world data sources in clinical trials and how it changes the                                                                                                               landscape. Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine                                                                                                                                                                                  – Team performance and Drives, Workshop by Aart Brezet, Drives@Work. 

  FIGON Dutch Medicine days 03 December 2020:               – Improving clinical trial efficiency by using a real-world eligibility check, Berber Snoeijer,                                                                                                 ClinLine. View poster, View recording 

Member of:

working groups: Data engineering and Real World Evidence              EU Connect conference committee: Real World Evidence