ClinLine is dedicated to optimizing clinical research data processes. Our aim is to innovate clinical research processes in order to reduce both time to market and healthcare costs. 

We offer full services in process optimization, digitization and Real-World Data utilization. We do this from a holistic perspective which results in the inclusion of all stakeholders, taking into account existing processes and experiences and utilization of well-known management methods.


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Break & Learn:
In 2023, we started a new series of short Break & Learn webinars with subjects around clinical trial process improvements and real-world data usage. These 30-minute webinars are free and easy to follow and a short break of your daily work. Partners, clients and other relations of ClinLine contribute to the webinars to highlight different aspects of each topic. Like to learn more? Have a look at our Break & Learn Webinar page.


Upcoming presentations:

  Break & Learn (30-minute) webinar, 06 Dec 2023 

Informational webinar DDF Phase 3,
                  14 Sept 2023
  CSS, 18-20 September 2023, Silver Spring US

  SDE Utrecht, 28 September 2023

  Break & Learn (30-minute) webinar, 11 Oct 2023

 EU Connect 5-8 November 2023

– Breaking down the silos using the
digital data flow, Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine and Achilleas Zaras, eClinical Solutions

– Digital Data Flow Project Phase 3, John Owen, Dave Iberson-Hurst, Berber Snoeijer

– Poster – Assessing relevance and provenance of real-world data, Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine

– Insights into the TransCelerate
Digitial Data Flow Initiative and the corresponding CDISC USDM data model, Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine
– Stakeholder commitment: the key to innovations success in clinical research, Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine and Kemi Olutunbi, Inspired Concepts Consulting 

– Stream Chair Real-world Evidence stream, Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine
– A Dive into the World of Biomedical Concepts, Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine

Previous presentations and recording:
See the ClinLine Open Archive for available information, slides and recordings of previous presentations, workshops, webinars and more.

Member of:

Chairing Real World Evidence working group              EU Connect conference committee: Real World Evidence