SME input &
Stakeholder Support

The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a big transformation. Outdated, isolated methods of conducting research are replaced by innovative integrated solutions and processes. In addition, a multitude of new and diverse data sources are emerging, necessitating their seamless integration and the adoption of standards. Efficiency in these new (semi-) automated data pipelines is increasingly crucial. To ensure the success of these changes, it is imperative to consider not only technical and procedural solutions but also the individuals involved in their implementations and use.  

Who are these stakeholders? Are they supportive and well informed? It has been observed that when stakeholders lack support and adequate information, it can result in significant delays or even failure of implementation or change projects. Some of these experiences shared by managers and project managers during our projects are noted here to the right, highlighting the potential consequences of inadequate stakeholder involvement.

We offer assistance to both pharmaceutical companies as well as solution vendors in technical and standards implementation projects. Our team consists of technical and subject matter experts who possess a deep understanding of business perspectives as well as the needs of both the technical and scientific stakeholders and project managers. They provide valuable insights in stakeholder concerns and work closely with projects manager to ensure smooth project implementation, avoiding extended  times, quality issues, or unexpected inefficies.

Like to learn more? During a dedicated 30-minute break & learn session, Berber Snoeijer and Kemi Olutunbi will dive into common stakeholder issues based on their experience. This session will cover stakeholder identification, stakeholder profiles, concerns and effective stakeholder communication strategies. 
Additionaly, we are eager to share our ideas and thoughts with you in a personal meeting. You can c
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Stakeholder drives and Team Performance
Management Drives is one of the techniques we use to assess the drives of our stakeholders. It provides tools for an optimal way to communicate with them. Our partners also provide workshops and consultancy in this space and with regard to optimizing (remote) team performance. See this link for more information.