About us

Towards an efficient and optimal clinical trial process...

Within pharmaceutical industry and health care clinical research and trials, efficiency is an aspect that has had less focus than in other industries. Many believe that striving to a high efficiency within clinical trials might affect the quality, integrity and/or security of data and processes. In the end it even might compromise the care and health of patients. However, with the ever increasing costs for health, it becomes more and more important to look at the efficiency of our business processes and see how we can use our resources in a more optimal way.

At ClinLine, we are convinced that it is possible to obtain a higher efficiency and at the same time to maintain the quality and integrity of clinical trials and correspondig data and processes. This can only be done by combining your business goals and vision with optimal processes, optimal technical architecture, quality requirements and optimal human interaction.
By looking at these different aspects as a complete system, the best and most efficient and effective process can be defined and implemented. Our mission is to support CROs, pharmaceutical and device companies in this process. We do this together with our extensive knowledge of data science, data engineering and real world data and in close collaboration with partners like OCS Life Sciences and Drives@Work. 


ClinLine is founded end of 2018 by Berber Snoeijer.
She started in clinical research in 1997 as a junior biometrician and has since then worked with clinical data in different functions. In 2001 she started a CRO, Biometric Support, aiming at the data management, data analysis and reporting of clinical trials. After selling this CRO, she switched in 2011 to work as a R&D manager dedicated to investigate and utilize the potential of real world data from electronic health records. This resulted in many different solutions including a full reporting system to give feedback information to clinical research professionals. For efficient processes and use of the data, she experienced and used the skills of technical (software and database) engineering, process engineering and improving efficient utilization and interactions of people based on management drives. 
Nowadays, she uses these skills and knowledge to assess, design and improve business solutions and processes on smaller and larger scale.


Our approach depends on your request. However, there are a few general principles that are according to our philosophy crucial for succes:
– Check out the need behind the initial request to fully understand the lanscape in which the solution will fit.
– Any solution whether it is technical, procedural or to improve interactions between people has to acknowledge the current situation and the investments that need to be done to implement it. There is no one size fits all strategy.
– Governance of management AND people on the working floor are crucial to succesfully implement any solution.

For more specific questions and requests, you are welcome to contact Berber at b.snoeijer@clinline.eu.