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Improving efficiency in clinical trials...

By reviewing and redesigning a business architecture, the often fragmented legacy of processes can be reduced and consequently management becomes more effective. In addition, accurate and foreseeing architecture is a good basis for innovation and growth. 

With the introduction of new ICT methods, the usage of real-world data, and the increasing pressure on the drug market, it is possible and high time to change the old-fashioned, time-consuming and costly step by step approach which is still followed by many companies in our industry. Adaptive study designs, real-world control arms and automatic source data collection are, for example, much more effective when standard ‘old-aged’ business-structures are redesigned. Digital data flow solutions, more aligned business processes, and extensive knowledge management are key to the success of the new efficient clinical trial process.  

However, there is no one size fits all strategy to improve efficiency in the whole industry. A unique and most efficient architecture can be determined for each company, by taking its goals, size, clients’ needs and requirements into account. We are here to find that architecture together with you and to optimize your processes by choosing, defining, and implementing the right tools, people and procedures. Our extensive knowledge of industry solutions, stakeholder management, and planning are key to our success.

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In-company workshop
Digital data flow optimization in clinical research
The in-company workshop ‘Digital Data FLow Optimization in Clinical Research’ is a deep dive into your company’s digital data flow and accompanying processes.
This dedicated workshop is adapted to the specific needs of your company. The workshop gives you a basis for further steps to an effective and efficient end-to-end digital data flow including tangible artifacts like a data flow diagram and a stakeholder matrix.

Read more about this workshop in: our digital flyer

TransCelerate Digital Data Flow

We are proud to be involved in the TransCelerate Digital Data Flow project as a representative of one of our customers. TransCelerate’s Digital Data Flow Initiative seeks to enable the flow of digital study protocol data in order to improve study design and accelerate start-up through automation of processes and setup of study execution systems.

Learn more about this innovative project via their website.