ClinLine Open Archive

– Mitigating the challenges of real-world data usage and linkage in regulatory submission trials, Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine in cooperation with Achilleas Zaras and Nathan Johnson, eClinical solutions. Available slides.

 US Connect March 2023

– Enabling the data flow from eProtocol to downstream processes; Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine and Kumar Patel, Janssen. Available slides + recording.
– The PHUSE Real-World Evidence Project; Rabia Ahmad, GSK; Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine and Parag Shiralkar, Sumptuous-ds
– Break Knowledge Bazaars hosted by Noa Sharon, Beaconcure and Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine 

 EMAE Winter SDE – December 2022 

 EU Connect November 2022:  


 EMAE Autumn SDE – September 2022


 – Interoperability and automation: How we handle the increasing complexity of Data Sources. Available slides.

– Hands-on workshop: efficiently and effectively migrating to a new environment, Guy Garrett, Achieve Intelligence and Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine

Real-world data linkage and mapping: options and pitfalls
Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine. Available slides

 – Automating an End-to-End Clinical Data Workflow with a Platform Approach; Nathan Johnson, eClinical Solutions; Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine
– A look into the Future of Clinical Data Processing and Analysis
Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine
– The  Digital Trial Accelerator you may be missing
Raj Indupuri, eClinical Solutions; Thierry Escudier, DCRIPT; Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine

 EMEA Winter SDE 2021:

 EU Connect November 2021:

– Data Ecosystems 2.0: The Data-Fluid Organization. Achilleas Zaras, eClinical Solutions + Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine. Available slides

– The Real-World Eligibility check: How to create a FAIR SAS tool. 
   On-demand presentation by Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine. Available recording.

 – Real-World Evidence hands-on Workshop. Stijn Rogiers and Sherrine Eid, SAS Institute and Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine. Available recording.

 EMEA Spring SDE May 2021, virtual:

– How to scale up productivitiy and minimize efforts in clinical programming. Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine. Available slides.

Virtual SDE Beerse October 2020 , Belgium:    

 – Assessing the Impact of Governmental Interventions in Response to COVID-19 on Global Mobility. Mariska Burger, OCS Life Sciences and Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine. View recording  

Virtual EU Connect November 2020: 

– Use of unlimites real world data sources in clinical trials and how it changes the landscape. Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine  
– Team performance and Drives, Workshop by Aart Brezet, Drives@Work. View Recording.

 FIGON Dutch Medicine days December 2020: 

– Improving clinical trial efficiency by using a real-world eligibility check
   Berber Snoeijer, ClinLine. 
View posterView recording