Efficient Quality Procedures

Create, review and improve...

Depending on the size of a company, more control mechanisms are necessary to ensure compliance to standard operating procedures and regulations. However not everything can be controlled and compliance is also a matter of commitment of the people. Trying to ensure commitment by adding more rules and registries might even become counterproductive.
Another aspect is that when quality systems are set-up only out of a quality assurance perspective, it might result in extensive procedures which are difficult to follow in practice. As a result, employees are reluctant to (re-)read them and practice often turns out different from what is written down.

We review and/or set up your procedures from a quality AND from a business efficiency perspective. We look at the actual practice, the quality requirements and the efficiency gains that can be made. The ideal quality system consists of easy-to-read and Lean procedures clearly stating all requirements and responsibilities and crosslinking to other relevant procedures, guidelines and forms where necessary.

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