Improving clinical trial efficiency using Real-World Data

There is an increasing interest in using real-world data for clinical trials. And that is for a reason. New technologies, data availability, insights, and better options for privacy protection make it achievable to use this type of data more and more.


During the workshop, the different options for using real-world data will be discussed ranging from feasibility assessments to follow-up monitoring and including synthetic control arms. We will focus on data relevance, availability and reliability and link this to existing and new (draft) regulatory guidelines. Invited guest speakers from PHARMO and The Hyve will explain more about the different data sources they utilise, such as GP data and wearable data.


In interactive breakout sessions, you as a participant will have the opportunity to discuss and explore the topic in more detail in small groups and meet fellow industry professionals.


This inspiring and interactive workshop will take place online and live via Zoom on Wednesday 23 February 2022, 16:00-18:00 CET / 10:00-12:00 EST. The workshop content is available free of charge. However, we do ask a small fee of € 25,– (including VAT) for registration and administration. This ensures a dedicated audience during the workshop. Use the registration button below to register for this workshop. 


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Reactions of participants:

“Thank you very much for your training, I learnt a lot and I realized I need to learn even more ! It was very informative and well done.”

“Thanks for such a well run and interesting workshop. I learnt loads – especially about synthetic control arms. It was also great to see everyone participating.” 

“The breakout sessions are good for networking, like speed dating”

About the trainer(s):

Berber Snoeijer started in clinical research in 1997 as a biometrician and has since then worked with clinical data in different functions. In 2001, she founded a CRO, Biometric Support, focussing on data management, data analysis, and reporting of clinical trials. Ten years later, in 2011, she started working as an R&D manager dedicated to investigate and utilise the potential of real-world data from electronic health records. This resulted in many different solutions including a full reporting system to give feedback information to clinical research professionals. In order to enhance the efficiency of processes and data use, she applied her skills of technical (software and database) engineering, process engineering and improved efficient utilisation of and interactions between people based on management drives. Nowadays, she uses her skills and knowledge to assess, design, and improve business solutions and processes on small and large scales.
Berber is chair of the PHUSE real-world evidence project, real-world evidence stream chair of the PHUSE EU CONNECT and member of the  EUCROF real-world evidence workgroup.